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Our professionals represent the heart of our training system. They all have a significant experience that allows them to pass on to their students skills that are really useful for their professional life. Our trainers are always available for group courses and individual lessons.

Dan Bacaintan Profile_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Dan Bacaintan

After hotel school in Italy, in 2013 Dan moved to the UK where he worked as lead barista and trainer in some of the best coffee shops in London. After moving back to Italy he founded the micro-roastery Hub Coffee Lab and started working as a consultant. Dan is also serving as Technical Manager of the Italian Barista School (IBS).

Paolo Rossi_edited_edited_edited.png
Paolo Rossi

Paolo graduated from the hotel management school in 1994 and served for about two years at the historic Caffè Paskowsky in Florence. In 1995 he opened the Caffè Grandangolo in Dicomano, near Florence. Competitor and winner in various Italian competitions, he is also a technical judge in various competitions.

Matteo Borea_edited_edited.png
Matteo Borea

Matteo is an Italian barista, trainer and roaster. He is part of the third generation of his family roasting company based in Albenga, closed to Genoa, where is also the training manager. Furthermore he is responsible for the Coffee Storming coffee shop which combines Italian tradition with innovation.

Rana Hassanieh_edited.png
Rana Hassanieh

Rana began her coffee journey in one of UK's leading coffee shops. Fueled by her passion for the arts, culture, and language, Rana dedicated her time to creating an expansive coffee related lexicon for Arabic speakers. Rana is based in Beirut - Lebanon, where she co-founded Edda Arabica Coffee and provides various coffee workshops and consulting in the field of coffee .

Roberto Sala Profile_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Roberto Sala

Owner of a 100-year-old coffee shop in a town close to Milan, Roberto represents the fourth generation of baristas in his family. He has been in the coffee industry for 25 years, being the first barista to serve a certified cappuccino at the Italian parliament.

Angelo Gregio Profile_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Angelo Gregio

Owner of a coffee shop in Rimini, Angelo has been working with great barmen for the last 20 years. Focused on the perfect management of a coffee shop and its products, he is passionate about sensory analysis. He regularly holds courses and seminars on coffee.

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