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Our Italian trainers represent the heart of our training system. They are all professionals with significant experience that allows them to pass on to their students skills that are really useful for their professional life. Our trainers are always available for group courses and individual lessons in Italy or directly at the clients' facilities.

Dan Bacaintan Front_edited.jpg
Dan Bacaintan

He has been working as barista in coffee shops in the Garda Lake area. In 2013 he moved to London where he worked as lead barista and trainer in some of the best coffee shops in the UK. He is now working in Italy as a trainer barista and consultant. Dan is also serving as Technical Manager of the Italian Barista School (IBS).

Angelo Gregio Front_edited.jpg
Angelo Gregio

Owner of a coffee shop in Rimini, he has been working with great barmen for the last 20 years. Focused on the perfect management of a coffee shop and its products, he is passionate about sensory analysis. He regularly holds courses and seminars on coffee.

Roberto Sala Front_edited.jpg
Roberto Sala

Owner of a 100-year-old coffee shop in a town close to Milan, he represents the fourth generation of baristas in his family. He has been in the coffee industry for 25 years, being the first barista to serve a certified cappuccino at the Italian parliament.

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